• Sign for our restaurant sign stand
  • Titled: Please Queue Here
  • Material: Dibond Aluminium
  • Colour: black material with white print
  • Size: 410 x 300mm

This sign is used with our restaurant sign stand to present a policy or directional advice to your customers. It is made from durable Dibond, which is two (2) sheets of thin aluminium sandwiching an inner plastic centre, so it is not only extremely durable but maintains its attractive appearance for many years.

The sign has two (2) holes on the top that will hook onto the sign stand and swing freely, and because it's printed on both sides, it can be seen from both directions.

Used widely by hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc., this unit will clearly present your policy to customers when they enter your establishment. As well, the outstanding feature of this system is that signs can be quickly changed, if desired, by unhooking and replacing them with an alternative.


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