? Outdoor hinged door notice case

? Overall size: 1080(H) x 820(W) x 40(D)mm

? Holds 9 x A4 size sheets (297 x 210mm)

? Can be mounted in either portrait or landscape (sideways) configuration

? 50mm silver satin aluminium trim

? Unique anti-tamper locks

? Case has 4 pre-drilled holes for installation (fittings supplied)

? Internal rubber 'gasket" seals the door

? Natural pinnable cork background

? Metal safety hinges

Our range of weather resistant notice boards look stylish and are functional... in all types of weather conditions. The board is slim and will only stand 40mm out from a wall and as well, the case itself is made from non-corrosive aluminium. The notice board is suitable outside as the rear has a laminated back for protection, and an internal rubber gasket that seals the unit completely when closed. Supplied with 2 locks and keys, this is the way to display effectively, those announcements, regulations, awards etc in any public place.

This notice case has 4 pre-drilled holes for an easy installation and fittings are supplied. The case also has a unique feature in that it has a metal brace that prevents the door from accidently closing. As the notice board can be mounted either in a landscape or portrait orientation, this brace proves exceedingly useful particularly in windy environments.


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