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In today's retail environment, fruit and vegetable retailers must keep a close eye on their profits. One side of the profit equation is sales but on the other there are such things as shrinkage due to stock damage, as well as general presentation. Issues faced by produce retailers can be:
• Stock wastage
• Time spent in stock rotation
• Losses of stock due to damage
• Untidy displays
• Limited space
• Poor presentation
• Difficulty of cleaning displays
• Handling issues when moving stock to and from the cool room
• More discerning customers

These are issue that can be overcome and the solution is not so difficult.


The system we have is one of using strong plastic tubs, tiers, separator trays and specialty display units. All these have one thing in common... they use items made out of an unbelievably strong plastic material called ABS that will last for years ... unlike the foam and cardboard boxes that have been in popular use for decades.

In technical terms, ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. It is 30 times more durable than regular plastic, holds it's shape when moulded by heat, is chemical resistant, and is not affected by temperature . It has a high impact resistance and is easy to mould. It's used for automotive trims, protective headgear, electrical enclosures and even LEGO building blocks! Once you start using our  range of produce displays, you'll never go back to soggy cardboard and fragile foam boxes.

• Less handling of stock – take the tub from the display, straight into the cool room
• Clean and tidy displays – tubs can be quickly cleaned
• Use less stock on display – tubs are available in a range of sizes to suit the product on display
• Tidy and uniform displays – presents a clean, professional image to your customers





fruit and veg tubs and trays

Our display tubs come in a variety of sizes to suit any display:
• Small sized tubs for garlic, chillies, ginger and other small items
• Medium sized tubs for salads, beans, carrots, squash and the like
• Large tubs for potatoes, onions, broccoli and other bulky produce
• Specialty tubs such as those for herbs and asparagus and other difficult to display items

These include bin toppers, punnet displays and cut fruit tiers.  We have specialty display trays for punnets which are always a problem to display professionally but are simple now with our display units and associated risers. You'll also find unique ways to display cut fruit and large, long items such as leeks.

Rather than having small, regular shaped fruits and vegetables put randomly on a display, these sheets have regular “depressions” that hold the individual items. They present the items in a uniform manner, and as well, they protect the fruit. These trays alleviate the need for customers to handle the produce. These trays are ideal for display apples, peaches, avocados and the like, and are available in a number of sizes. We also have them in both a rigid plastic and a soft, foam like material called EVA which can be used to cushion extra soft fruit if desired.



Veg tubs


Firstly, all our produce display units – tubs, tiers, trays etc – are super tough. You can quite literally stand on them and they won't break or crack! Temperature changes won't affect them so putting them in the coolroom is fine.

Display Tubs – tubs are designed to fit all refrigeration shelving. What you put in them is only limited by your imagination and the size of your display. For items such as oranges, potatoes or carrots, look at our FGAD6 or FGAD8 tubs. For smaller items such as chillies or ginger, the FGAD7 or FGAD10 may suit. If you have self serve salads, the FGAD4 and associated clear hinged lid FGAD11 are ideal and the FGAD13 is fantastic to stand up those awkward items such as spring onions and asparagus.

Tiered produce displays



Tiered Units – These are available in a variety of sizes depending on your need. See our FGAD1, FGAD2 and FGAD23 if you wish to beautifully present your punnets. Cut fruit can be best displayed on our FGAD19 or for larger items such as watermelons, see item FGAD20 & FGAD20C which, by the way, are ideal for bananas. If you need a way to display leeks or celery, use item FGAD21. You'll also find FGAD15 and FGAD16 bin toppers useful on a sloped base for displaying bagged items.

Separator Trays – these are all 800 x 500mm in size. The FGAD17 has cylindrical cavities ideal for apples, onions, tomatoes etc. The FGAD18 has more contoured cavities and suit smaller stone fruit or irregular shaped items such as pears or avocadoes.

Handling / Cool room – at the start and end of a day, no need to take produce out of a box and manually put them on display. Leave items in the tubs and take the whole tub into the coolroom. This will save an incredible amount of time each day and also reduce damage due to handling.

Bean tubs


Pod Relay to make your fruit and veg stand out from the crowd!

The purpose of such visual merchandising is to attract, engage, and motivate the customer towards making a purchase. Our "pods" available in black, woodgrain and dark stain, featuring a removable clear front are great for displaying fresh produce at a height which can be seen as soon as you enter any store. With this unique staggering effect, this pod relay has becoming a trend for fruit and veg display for 2020.

The hook on the back of each tub allows you latch your tub securely to the back of your displays or alternatively, the back hook can be used to ramp up the tub. If you would like to display two different products – or two colours of the same product – in the one tub, you can use one of the custom divider runs lengthways from front to back, splitting the tub into two equal halves.

As all fridges come in different sizes we will need exact measurements to help you work out how many pods you need per bay. We also have sales representatives that are always happy to come out and see you and arrange your display for you. 

For more information please call (08) 9275 5122 or email us at [email protected]

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